Kingswood Congregational Church

The Kingswood Cafe Church









The very exciting Kingswood Cafe Church launched Sunday 30th April.










Cafe Church continues to be place of relaxation with time to think about subjects as diverse as what is a Christian to why are there famines and droughts. The last cafe welcomed the return of Andrew Steele with his lively quiz based on MacDonald burgers!

Absolutely everyone is welcome, even if you don't go to church - this is nothing like what you would expect from a Sunday morning church service. Families especially should try this family time together.

Relax into Sunday morning. Bring a Sunday Paper.

Enjoy complimentary coffee or tea with delicious pastries and cakes.

Chat. Ask questions.

On accasions - Enjoy some contemporary live music from our band playing "unplugged"!

We will have someone along to introduce a subject - a thought provoking intro .

Cafe Church is about you. About not being preached to but about having your say.

Bring the whole family.





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