Kingswood Congregational Church

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to have a heart for worship, to have faith in prayer, to be passionate about the local church, and to see God's kingdom established here in Kingswood and the surrounding town and villages.

The following are statements of intent in the pursuance of the above:

  1. To put Jesus at the centre of all we say and do.

  2. To promote a centre of Christian life and influence in the community.

  3. To facilitate learning, provide teaching and develop spiritual knowledge, by so doing proclaiming the love of God on offer. In particular the need for truth and assurance of salvation.

  4. To be available to help those outside the church explore answers to their deepest questions.

  5. To help those outside the church discover God's love, acceptance and forgiveness for themselves.

  6. To provide clear bible based teaching in our church that will help people to grow in their relationship with God and help them deal with the pressures and relationships of everyday life.

  7. To make everyone welcome.

Role and Responsibilities of Members:



Members shall:

  1. Pray for the Church family. Be supportive in any practical ways needed. Gather together for worship on a regular basis.

  2. Partake on a regular basis of the Lord's Supper (Communion).

  3. Be privately committed in prayer for the fellowship and to be actively seeking the Lord's will for the Church.

  4. Work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to increase and strengthen the Kingdom of God on the earth.

  5. Regularly attend church meetings.


Members responsibility will be:

  1. To live in obedience to Christ's perfect will and to be actively seeking the will of God for their lives and to establish the God given gift.

  2. To endeavour, with Christ's help, to lives which are true to the Christian principles of honesty, purity and love.

  3. To be actively engaged in serving others in Christian love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  4. To read the Bible and pray every day.

  5. To give first importance each Sunday to worship at church; to join regularly in the observance of the Lord's Supper; to join wherever possible with others in prayer and the study of God's word.

  6. To render whatever practical service they can in the work and witness of our church and its organisations.

  7. To play their part in the government and administration of this church being present, whenever possible, at church meetings and being loyal to church decisions.

  8. To do all they can to encourage love and fellowship among members of the church and congregation and all Christians everywhere.

  9. To set aside and give regularly for the work of Christ's Kingdom in this church, the money they believe God would have them give.

  10. To do all they can to help the work of the mission at home and overseas.


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